Common Mistakes When Using Twitter For Business

Even though many people may use Twitter just to keep in contact with their friends and family, there are plenty of businesses that are reaping the many benefits of this amazing social networking site. However, when setting up twitter for your business there are plenty of mistakes that most newcomers commit. Therefore, if you’re planning on using Twitter for business you need to make sure that you correct these mistakes before you begin your marketing campaign.

The Avatar

Whether it’s people or businesses, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not uploading the perfect avatar. If you’re planning on promoting your business with an account you should definitely upload your business logo as the avatar. This way, people would be able to recognize you no matter what platform they come across you.

By doing this you would be building up trust, and hence, your followers could very well turn into customers and even long term clients.

You wouldn’t want to be flooded with automatic messages no matter what they’re about. This is called “spamming.” If you do this to let your followers know about your business, there’s a huge possibility that they would un-follow you.

Optimize your profile

Usually, whenever people set up a Twitter account they’re in a rush to gain new followers and in this process they keep following everyone they come across. However, people are not likely to follow you back without knowing more about you and the services you offer. Therefore, before you actually go about and start mass following people it would be wise to fill out your Twitter profile, add an intro, and a link to your business website.

Also, try to have at least 3-4 tweets that are interesting wherein people would want to follow you for more. This would be a great way to gain a few initial followers and get the ball rolling.

Targeted content

No matter what your business focuses on, it’s definitely going to revolve around a particular niche or at the most, a few niches. Therefore, you should make sure that the posts you post on Twitter revolve around these very topics. If not, you would end up losing followers and gaining a few that aren’t interested in what you offer. This is totally useless and won’t help your business prosper.

Some of the things that you could post on twitter include quotes, contests, images, helpful articles, and blog post links. When you do this people would trust you as you’re trying to help them rather than promoting your business all the time.

Too Much Promotion

Even though you’re using Twitter for business purposes, people aren’t going to be interested if you just post about your business. They’re going to want to see more, so help them rather than promoting your products all the time.

If you keep your followers in mind and have an excellent marketing strategy, Twitter for business could be a superb marketing strategy.

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  • lisa Sep 12, 2012 @ 3:23

    Great advice! I’ve seen so many businesses that only tweet out their own stuff all day long and never interact with others… Drives me crazy and is a reason to unfollow.

  • Mach1 Corporation Sep 12, 2012 @ 4:39

    Useful information, thanks for sharing..

  • buying twitter followers Oct 1, 2012 @ 3:26

    I got clear about it. I try to avoid these mistakes in future. As twitter is the wonderful platform, by using it perfectly we can suceed it . Fill you profile completely. Be friendly.

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