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ManMohan Khangarot
6 years ago

This post contains hugely valuable information on email marketing. This article can help by preventing risk. Truly it’s a nice job. Thank you for sharing with us. This will certainly help all the website developers.

RIW Software
6 years ago

Deborah, Aweber and getresponse both are the best option for email marketing campaign. Where Getresponse has a great landing page feature, which will increase your Conversion rate. So for successful running of your campaign must choose Getresponse service provider.

Android Host
6 years ago

Good to read this helpful article. I visit this site by chance and found it very interesting. The post shared here, is very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing this nice post. I will be visiting this site in future time and again…….

Hai Tran
6 years ago

GetResponse is really good about Squeeze Page feature. But reading your post I know some more email services currently, and I found some potential services. Indeed, I’m using MailerLite because they provide the free plan with autoresponders which MailChimp doesn’t have. Still good infographics. Thanks a lot

eMail Marketing [Infographic by SocialWebCafe]

eMail Marketing [Infographic by SocialWebCafe]

The Infographic


The Infographic Thumb (featured image; social media)


Simple 2-Step Instructions

  1. Please right-click the infographic image above (note: there are 2 images) and save to your computer. Upload the image to your web site (or wherever you want to host the image.
  2. Copy the code in the text area above (or below) and replace the ‘INSERT_LINK_TO_GRAPHIC_HERE’ with the link to where you uploaded the infographic.

Please feel free to also download the thumb version for use as a social media post or featured image that links to where you posted the infographic.

Thanks for sharing in the creativity with us!

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