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agen sbobet
6 years ago

very nice infomation
thank you for your sharing

Kathy Johnson
6 years ago

Hello Deborah

Thanks for sharing such a useful tip. I was looking online to insert slideshare on wordpress website. your blog help me

Much love

How-To Insert a SlideShare into Your WordPress Site

How-To Insert a SlideShare into Your WordPress Site


On the slideshare, click on the embed symbol. When you do that, you will see the options, below.


If your WordPress blog (or the WordPress blog where you are inserting the SlideShare) allow iFrames, that is the most failsafe method. However, many do not allow iFrame.

In that case (no iFrame), use the SlideShare WordPress Shortcode. In many cases, this will work.

there are cases where none of the code works. In those cases, take a snapshot of the SlideShare and use the hyperlink as the link for the image. It isn’t ideal, but it is better than nothing 🙂

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