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8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/LdeWkHBsLJ Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/MfGFr5StN6 RT @SocialWebCafe

Paul Johnson
8 years ago

Just as in the banking collapse of 2008, there are too many members of the ultra-rich betting on larger and larger profits with the money of the little guy. How does a small business ever compete? Thanks for the research, the find, and the impassioned plea, Deborah. Everyone should watch this video

Deborah E. Anderson
8 years ago
Reply to  Paul Johnson

Thanks, Paul. Appreciate the feedback and definitely agree. If “we” could just be happy with what we have. (And, of course, the “we” refers to anyone where the shoe fits.. taking from the little guy to build the storehouse of unneeded excess wealth.) Thanks, again, Paul.

Aayush semwal
8 years ago

Really interesting post

Deborah E. Anderson
8 years ago
Reply to  Aayush semwal

Thanks, Aayush.

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/YdSFMntIHD Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/JG3H24QyI1 RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/W8qOIea8vN Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/oHe6O6qQJG RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/nPaR2az1xC Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/JGik5phgyI RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/RZ9DK4CVCX Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/rjz0lKCqrl RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/ZvCRwdgWLy Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/0z3EbQGGuX RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago

Pulling Back the Curtain: Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/aDcPwNL7x2 On Economic Warfare http://t.co/p7MGbZ45yw

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/07jc73HPh6 Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/6Z6S90fjjD RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago

Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://t.co/QdonmYz2uH Teaches Us About Economic Warfare http://t.co/M6O2s213M2 RT @SocialWebCafe

8 years ago


I know. You are all wondering what just happened… Are you on the right blog?  Yes, you… http://t.co/lzLP4ckzfl

Ken Lapp
8 years ago

We have often thought that there was a shift about 25 years ago, when the ‘little guy’ was effectively frozen out of a lot of the markets they need to succeed. This wonderful video presentation adds more fuel to that fire. Thanks for the information, Deborah.

Deborah E. Anderson
8 years ago
Reply to  Ken Lapp

Good point, Ken, about history seeming to repeat itself. It seems that one consistency is human nature.

Sure, thing, Ken. And, thank you for your insight.

8 years ago

This sounds really interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

8 years ago

Nice and informative post

Interesting video. It is great to know about the economic warfare as an instrument. It surely is a story from history, but surprised as it had not stopped even now.

Thank you for sharing.

7 years ago

great share!
great video!

Lynnea David
7 years ago

Nice post. Warfare nicely explained.

7 years ago

j’aime beaucoup tous ces informations.
c’est un excellent article.
merci pour le partage .

I love all the information.
this is an excellent article.
thank you for sharing.

7 years ago

This was an awesome post very helpful information.

Deborah E. Anderson
7 years ago
Reply to  Rodney

Thank you, Rodney.

7 years ago

Fantastic information great video pull back the curtain Economic warfare, thanks for this share !!

Deborah E. Anderson
7 years ago
Reply to  jose

Thank you, Jose. What part of the video did you find the most interesting?

7 years ago

Great Post!
Thanks For Sharing!

Allo Serrurerie Saint Ouen

Thanks for share! Really very interesting!

7 years ago

This is great post…..Nice post. Warfare nicely explained.

7 years ago

Thank you for post Awesome share! Fabulous video!

7 years ago

Really Interesting post Deborah…… 🙂

Deborah E. Anderson
7 years ago
Reply to  Priya

Thanks, Priya.

Dasharath Singh
7 years ago

post written beautifully as mixing of notes as well as video too… both are too good,,, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge…

vikas avnish
7 years ago

wait ,watch and react
nice post. I say it ..competition of better strategies

any war won by better strategies ( man or machine )

Rahul Chalana
6 years ago

amazing content and yes amazing video. thanks for sharing 🙂

Pulling Back the Curtain: Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com Teaches Us About Economic Warfare

Pulling Back the Curtain: Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com Teaches Us About Economic Warfare

Patrick Byrne


I know. You are all wondering what just happened… Are you on the right blog?  Yes, you are!  Many of you know me, and the many hats that I wear.  I try to spare you the confusion by breaking those "hats" into different properties online.  But, I am going to pull back the curtain and introduce some of the other “Deborahs,” and as a part of that, introduce you to an important message that is near and dear to my heart, delivered eloquently by Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com.  Read on to figure out what the heck Deborah is babbling about…

First of all, you know me as the subject matter expert in social media (this blog), as well as video and Google+ Hangouts.  However, did you know that I am also a chart topping (RN charts) Jazz singer, Deborah E?.  And, relevant to this article, the beta stage blog, Tech-Audit.com?  Out of the experiences that led to the inception of Tech Audit (socially responsible technology), came the pursuit of the completion of Deborah’s Master’s Degree in I/O psychology, to help to identify the future “Madoffs” of the world before harm besets the community and their financial security.

As you can tell, Patrick Byrne’s message hits home!  What he speaks about in this video is what Deborah was exposed to in her role as Chief Technology Officer in the financial industry.  There is definitely a story there, but one that has remained behind the scenes.  Enough of a story that Deborah is pursuing avenues to help stop this type of behavior from causing harm.  And, so, it is with great honor that I, Deborah, present Mr. Byrne and his message today.  

Sit back with me and let’s watch as Mr. Patrick Byrne “Discusses Economic Warfare as an Instrument of Transnational Organized Crime.”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Deep Capture Blog for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you find that stock trading is confusing?  So confusing that maybe you avoid it, or simply hand over your money to your stock broker and trust him or her to invest it for you?  Does the discussion of "hedge funds" make you think of your neighbor's greenery, wondering when they are going to clip it?  That confusion is part of what those less-scrupulous members of society count on, to practice stock market manipulation.

Impacting the Individuals

There are many different methods of stock market manipulation that exist, including personally devastating methods like Madoff's ponzi scheme and other schemes like "cherry picking."  No matter what the level of fraud, it remains fraud and is damaging to those affected, as well as the greater community, which is impacted by the effects of stock marketing manipulation.

Some highlights that Mr. Byrne shares include "naked short selling" which is no more short selling than it is naked.  Rather, it is a way of manipulating the market, by making it look legitimate to the un-informed consumer, but manipulating it to benefit themselves, in a fraudulent manner.

White-collar crime doesn't stop at affecting individuals only.  It also enters the arena of enterprise level, as well.  After all fraud doesn't have a defining end point, with a constant grab for more and more, regardless of the cost to individuals or enterprises.

Enterprise Level Manipulation

Enter organized crime.  It may not look like organized crime, with a nice suit and tie, walking the streets of Wall Street and dining at top restaurants and charity organizations, but organized crime entered into high finance a few decades ago and groomed a path and position that continue today.

The Mafia Term: “Bust Out”

Mr. Byrne describes the process of "bust out" by sharing a scene from "The Sopranos," helping to illustrate how the process works.  It is a three step process that includes, to quote Mr. Byrne:

  1. Leveraging the business up.
  2. Depleting the cash
  3. Burning it down for more profits.

This scenario is played out quite a bit in different plots in Hollywood productions.  It is also played out in the real world of economic warfare.

Do you remember the S&L fiascos of years past?  Back in the day, it was as if each day brought another story of S&L fraud. These are examples of "bust out."  As Mr. Byrne calls it, it is "plundering an economic enterprise."

Looking Ahead

Patrick Byrne drops names.. He tells the story.  He shares the stories from history that created the framework and foundation on which organized crime has entered high finance.

Ok, now that you have watched the video, I have a suggestion.  Watch it again!  Or, take a break, let it percolate a bit, and come back and watch again.


I am here to listen. We are here to listen. Comment on your thoughts, in the comment section below. Your questions. Your concerns. Your stories. Let’s face this together and make a better, safer, fraud-free world to live in.

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