Social shares drive website traffic and boost SEO. If no one shares your content, your site will not attract visitors, and your online presence will never rise above mediocrity. The number of times people share your content on social media also affects the SEO performance of your site. Use the following tips to encourage your readers to share content on social media so you can get the success you deserve.

Inspire Curiosity

When visitors arrive at your site, present them with a perplexing photo, graphic, or headline that makes them wonder what it means. The curiosity will cause them to stay and experience your content, hoping to find answers to the questions you created in their mind. If you successfully stimulate interest, your readers will want to share your content with their friends so that they can have a similar experience.

Create Urgency

Create the sense of urgency! * GainSEOStats BlogWhen time matters, people respond. Regardless of whether you have an exclusive deal that will soon expire or a social cause that requires immediate action, you can get social traction if your readers get involved. When you provide a convincing argument that something either very bad or magnificent will happen if people respond, your readers will naturally want to enlist others in the effort by sharing your message on social media.

Use Relevance

Create content that has relevance to your market or a particular segment of your audience. Your visitors will recognize how your message relates either to them or to the people they know. For example, if you publish a list of tips and tricks for stay-at-home fathers, it will resonate with that part of your audience. If they find it useful, they will share your page with other members of that demographic. When you have practical solutions to problems many people face, your readers will want to share it with the people they know who benefit from them.

Offer Value

Understand your audience and your market. Learn everything about them including what they want and need. Find out about what they value, the problems they face, and the things that interest them. Use the information you have to provide value to them. When readers recognize the content you provide as valuable, they will get their friends, family, and coworkers involved too.

Get Emotional

When your content evokes strong emotional reactions, you increase the likelihood that your visitors will share it on social media. You can accomplish this by shocking them with horrible pictures or statistics, but you might prefer to surprise them with remarkable positive. People tend to remember how you make them feel more than what you say, so carefully choose your emotional strategy.