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Tweeting For Aspiring Artists: Tips From Social Media Experts

Just a couple of decades ago becoming a well-known artist presented a multitude of hurdles that very few could overcome. A connected planet has opened the doors for aspiring artists to enter the scene with far more ease increasing the possibility of getting discovered and securing the contract of their dreams. If you have artistic aspirations you no longer have to patiently wait for an audition or pray that a talent scout will discover you as you play your very own musical creations with your old electric guitar at the local bar. You my friend are the owner of your destiny and the captain of your ship. With a little time, some imagination and a great deal of passion you can learn to master social media and become the king or queen of your very own kingdom of fans. Want to know how? Here are a few no-fail tips from social media professionals that have managed to launch a few unknowns into stardom.

All The Channels-All The Time

While some social media tools of dissemination are way better than others it is super important that you cover all your bases. Having a Twitter account without a website or a Facebook profile associated to it is a mistake that will kill you. If you are a musical artist you must go beyond websites and engage in Youtube and Vimeo. Delivering your essence is key to establishing a fan base.  If you are a visual artist consider means such as Pinterest to share your art. Aside from presence across the web you must have continuity and engagement. You need to be around ALL the time. Peaks and valleys of engagement can impact your fan-base growth more than you can ever imagine.

Reciprocity & Engagement

It is not a way avenue my friends! Even when you make it big it is essential that you respect and engage with your fans. In fact when it comes to social media you should be your fans biggest fan. Your loyalty and interest toward them will consolidate your position in the industry. If you receive love give love back. Keep a conversation going and always go the extra mile. If you have a new release let your fans be the first ones to get a sneak peek if you are exploring new ideas invite them to collaborate with you and truly use their feedback as a means of shaping your art.


Your social media and web engagement is a constant audition and a live portfolio. Do not contaminate the web with mediocre content. Before you push a video out make sure the audio is superior and the resolution sufficient to provide a good user experience. Before you open your virtual mouth use a spelling and grammar tool and above all consider the impact of your words. When you are on the web you are performing live and you canโ€™t take back.

Be a Trendsetter & Early Adopter

If a new social media tool comes out embrace it quickly. If you spot a trend take advantage of it. Being first in line gives you the opportunity to create a larger fan base and have the undivided attention of many potential fans.

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