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Twitter : 15 Things We Don’t Want To Know : …Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know –> Day 2

This is the second post in a series called, “15 Things We Don’t Want To Know (Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know)” in your Tweets. Today’s post is somewhat related to yesterday’s post, with a bit of a twist.

It was inspired by a true offline (non-Twitter) story, reminding me of something that I did not want to know.

I had a gentleman that worked for me at one point and, as his boss, I was told that this guy was not washing his hands after using the bathroom facilities. What someone does in the bathroom is their business, but I was tasked with having a chat with this young man about things that should be privy only to him. It seems that the staff was visualizing a little too much when offered company cupcakes that he may have “touched.”

Sometimes, the old adage, “Ignorance Is Bliss” may be very fitting for certain situations.

Hygiene Moments

We do not require knowing when you step away from TweetDeck or HootSuite to brush your teeth or take a shower. This may be a relief to those who share the same domicile, but we will be able to persevere and await your return on Twitter.

We do not really want to know your hygiene practices, and more importantly, similar to my story, above, we do not want to know the lack of hygiene practices. The next time we share a cupcake with you, we do not want to be wondering where your hands were recently.

My suggestion? If you are stepping away to brush your teeth, smile really big in the mirror for all of us and come back and Tweet. I promise that we will be ok for the few minutes you are gone. 🙂


About the author: Deborah is the “secret” SEO ninja and internet marketer from the very beginning (and sought after by the legendary Corey Rudl, and other industry pioneering greats). For more information about Deborah (aka Deborah E), visit the “About” page.

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