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…Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know –> Day 3

This is the third post in a series called, “15 Things We Don’t Want To Know (Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know)” in your Tweets.

I got a chuckle, ok, a huge chuckle, I admit, out of @copyblogger‘s Twitter thread going yesterday, and could not resist.

Thong Folding

So, the part about this thread that we don’t want to know… Hey, did you read it? See the screen shot, below, to get the gist. Or, visit @copyblogger‘s own timeline. You may need to search for “thong” to find it after the fact.

Ok, back to the part we don’t want to know. There are a few people that we may not desire to visualize in the same sentence as the word “thong.” I’m not talking about appeal of the physical body, here. Really, do you want to picture your mother or grandmother in a thong?

Thong Folding

The point of the thread was about FOLDING your undergarments, but how far do you get with folding undergarments before you picture where they have been or where they are going? Especially the word, “thong.”

My suggestion? Talk about folding underpanties all you like, if that’s what you and your circle of friends would like to discuss, but please don’t tweet the picture of your grandpa in a thong. It may be considered very disrespectful, at best, and your next family reunion may not prove enjoyable for you. 🙂

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