eCommerce: The Buyer’s Experience in the Context of Buyer Personas

Mini-Course in Making Money With an Online Store The reason I am calling this a mini-course is because it is a quickie listing of some of the things that you will have to consider, as an online ecommerce store owner. Ok, so back to our customer that just made a purchase. We are excited, aren’t [...]

Marketing For a Digital Age

Services Made Easy Technology has actually streamlined the marketing process. The services available today can revolutionize the way that you reach a global base of customers. From email marketing to pay per click advertising, online marketing is a new way of reaching an increasingly tech-savvy populace. Website development was the first stage of this development, [...]

Don’t Let Doubt Stop You From Making Income I recently had someone say, “But ______ is not your thing, is it Deb?” I have to admit, it got to me. I started saying, “Hey, this gal knows me. She must be right that this is not necessarily my area of expertise.” But, think about it. [...]

5 Ways An Aquarium Can Help Diminish Your Entrepreneurial Hardships

The objective of this article is to share the benefits of the fish aquarium in your entrepreneur office. This even works for freelancers, too.

Before we begin, just a sidebar about the image you see (below) and that is that it is a “Kissing Fish.” The picture, taken by professional photographer, Michael Anderson, captures what is an oil spill on the top of the water and the fish trying to get oxygen. Fortunately, for our fish friend, he was able to get the oxygen in a creative manner and swim away healthy.

There are many things to consider when chatting about internet marketing.

The phrase, “internet marketing,” has been around for a long time. One of the first times that it popped up on the internet was back when Corey Rudl started the Internet Marketing Training Center. It was hot. It was cool. It was new!Well, maybe the activities of internet marketing are not new, but they are still essential. Or, we should say some of them are essential. There are also some activities that get missed and some strategies that we should consider again, to ensure that we have them in place for our own online business and brands. One example of internet marketing

Blog Sponsorship: How to Conquer It Even at First Glance

Ok, so you have been thinking about blog sponsorship. You have even read an article or two on SocialWebCafe. But, you are not sure that you really have it. Are you already doing it? What is it that you should be doing? Fortunately, the questions are probably more complicated than conquering this topic, one step at a time.What Does It Mean to Conquer Blog Sponsorship? What we are talking about is for you to understand, in a little more detail, what blog sponsorship is. Also, our goal for this article is to digest enough of the topic of blog sponsorship to understand it. Granted, we already covered it, but that goal in the first article was to get that overview.